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    Zimmerer Auf Der Werft / Carpenter At The Shipyard, 1913, Hans Hartig. Germany (1873 - 1936)

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    Crater Storm, Crater Amazing World beautiful amazing

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    Down on a misty morn Amazing World beautiful amazing

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    Tat Kuang Si Waterfa Amazing World beautiful amazing

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    The Picnic, Salvador Dali, 1921

    More art history

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  9. archaicwonder:

    Silver Tetradrachm from Byblos, Phonecia, c.  544 BC    

    A hippocamp swims below a Phonecian galley with 3 hoplites aboard. On the reverse, a lion attacks a bull, inscription above.

    The Phoenician seamen were renowned in Antiquity; Homer mentions them in the Odyssey. Founded more than seven thousand years ago, Byblos is one of the eldest cities in the world that is still inhabited; its influence is due to its trade with the Egypt of the Pharaohs, to whom it supplied Lebanese wood.

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